Michèle C. Cone

 Michèle C. Cone, Ph.D. 1988 is a French born cultural historian whose scholarship focuses on the art world of France under Vichy and Nazi occupation. In her books, Artists under Vichy (Princeton, 1992), French Modernisms (Cambridge 2001), Art and Politics in France during the German Occupation (U.M.I., 1988), in her interdisciplinary contributions to anthologies and museum catalogues, and in her essays in the Art Bulletin, the Art Journal, the American Historical Review, Modernism/Modernity, Art in America, and Telos, she confronts, as an independent scholar, the dilemmas faced by artists, dealers, critics and collectors stuck in a country overtaken by a fascistic regime and a Nazi occupation, she observes the advent of Vichy, and the return to democracy after the Liberation. A selection of her texts can be read on academia.edu. Her Vichy era archives are now in the Columbia University Libraries.